Cucina Fresca Crema Pasta Bowl

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Vietri Cucina Fresca Crema Pasta Bowl

9"D, 1.5"H

Cucina Fresca from was inspired by the Tuscan landscape. Paprika captures Italy's rich clay earth with a warm finish and deckled terra cotta edges reminiscent of peasant pottery.

Saffron, warm and inviting, embodies the softness of Tuscany's swaying fields of wheat and pays tribute to the original Cucina Fresca collection.

Tuscany's vibrant green grass is reimagined in Pistachio.

  • Handmade of terra cotta in Tuscany
  • In the 1300's, peasants used rustic glazes on their hand-thrown pottery that separated during firing, exposing the terra cotta on the edges of the pieces. VIETRI reproduces these edges on Cucina Fresca using clear glazes.
  • Part of the Cucina Fresca Family of Dinnerware
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe.