Wüsthof Classic


Cook's Knives
The cooking enthusiasts best friend is available in an incredible array of handle and blade sizes to match any skill and performance level. Owning just one may not be enough. Compare between a few different sizes until you've found your favorite(s). 


Carving and Slicing Knives
Select the blade length and style that most suits your cooking habits. The longer the blade, the thinner the slice. An 8” carving knife is also ideal for breaking down larger fruits and vegetables. 


Tomato / Baguette / Serrated Utility Knives
The ripest tomato, the freshest roll or bagel and of course, your favorite hard salami, are no match for these popular styles.  


Bread Knives
Only the “toothy” serrated edge of these popular styles will slice effortlessly through crispy baguettes and crunchy crusts...
without crushing the delicate interior. Again, choose a blade size to match the loaves you love most. 


Paring Knives
Perhaps the most versatile knife in the kitchen, paring, trimming, dicing fruits and vegetables. Owning just one is never enough. Several specialty shapes are available for decorative garnishing and other applications. 


Utility / Sandwich / Small-Slicing Knives
All purpose knives for all of those “in between” jobs. Breaking down medium sized fruits and vegetables or slicing smaller cuts of meat, poultry and fish. The 6” blade shown here has always been our most popular size.


Honing Steels / Diamond Steels
An essential tool that will keep your knives in peak cutting ondition. No collection of Wusthof knives is complete without one. Diamond-coated styles are recommended only for the more “accomplished” user.